INTER MAC MARKING CO., LTD este o companie sud-coreeană, specializată in proiectarea si fabricarea de echipamente de marcare industriale de tip „caractere mari”.


InterMac maccell T-3 + applies a new DOD technology to print on a wide range of substrates. The print heads of these printers contain a series of chambers that are filled with ink. By applying voltages to the walls of these chambers, a distortion is caused that bows the walls outwards. This distortion causes the ink pressure to drop, drawing more ink into the chamber. When the voltage is released and the walls return to their original positions, an ink droplet is expelled through each selected print nozzle.

Ink Supply Module


Model Cap printare Controller Diametru duza Diametru punct
T3-S un singur cap de printare LP7100+ 0.14mm 2.5mm
T3-L 0.25mm 3.5mm
T3-S2 Doua capete de printare LP7200+ 0.14mm 2.5mm
T3-L2 0.25mm 3.5mm
Distanta marcare 25mm ( max )
Viteza marcare 2 m/sec
Diametru punct 0.8 – 3.5 mm
Tip echipament DOD
Greutate cap marcare 70 g
Interval deschidere duza 1 ora
Tensiune alimentare 110 – 240 VAC
Semnal intrare Fotocelula DC24V, semnal I/O, traductor turatie
Functii de baza Intarziere, Viteza variabila, Dimensiune picatura, Curatare
Interfata serial RS232, RS485
Rezervor cerneala 2.5 litri
Presiune sistem cerneala  0.03 – 0.05 BAR
Tipuri de cerneala MEK, apa sau pe baza de solvent
Culoare cerneala Negru, albastru, rosu, verde ( fara pigment )