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The PEQD-030E is a LCD Control Protable Dot Peen Marking Machine


  • Perfect Laser is world leading dot peen marking machine manufacturers.
  • Our portable dot peen marking machine (Model: PEQD-030) is suitable for marking on objects that have large size and is not easy to move, such as large size valves and frame, motorcycle chassis and auto-car engines.
  • This portable dot peen marking machine is handheld type, which can be used on the surface of large metal body which is hard to move.

Product Features

  • It is portable, so it is suitable for marking on heavy objects with large size and is not easy to move.
  • With 2 separate-body design, convenient operation.
  • portable dot peen marking machine is controlled by computer, Perfect Laser’s professional marking software has a wide application and can operate under Window and XP system. It is very easy to use.
  • Powerful edit function. It can mark any logo, character, letter and graph, data code, series number, VIN code, engine numbers, motorcycle chassis number automatically.
  • The portable metal marking machine can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw.
  • It can support multi-kinds font: MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, and TTF in Windows
  • Operated by WINDOWS software. The interface is friendly and easy. With a particular “Path Pre-setting” function, the equipment will be much easier to use during processing of the work-pieces. The function “self-inspection for common malfunction” makes a convenient & quick maintenance for operators.
  • Marking contents could be saved automatically and not be destroyed during power-off.


  • Applicable Industry: Autocar, Motorcycle, Mechanism, Petroleum, Aeronautical and Space, Electric apparatus.
  • Applicable Material: It is adequate for marking characters, letters, serials numbers and VIN codes on bodywork of motorcycles, connecting rods, engines, steel pipe, cylinder and cylinder various stepper motors and mechanical parts, machine tools, metal pipes, pump bodies, valves, fastening pieces and various hard plastic products.
  • It’s a industrial pneumatic marking equipment which can make logo, characters, letters, VIN code, serial numbers, date and graph on work piece permanently.
  • This portable dot peen marking machine can be used to mark all kinds of metal and some hard plastics.
  • It’s also called portable dot peen marking machine,portable metal marking machine, CNC dot pin marking machine,portable pneumatic marking machine.


Machine Type: Portable Marking
Standard Marking Area: 135×20mm
Optional Marking Area: 90×20mm, 125×20mm, 150×100mm, 200×100mm
Marking Depth: 0.01~2mm
Marking Speed: ≤50mm/s

(for Characters Height of 3mm / 3-4 Numbers /Second)

Air Pressure 0.2-0.6Mpa
Z-Axis Lifting Range: 0-300 mm or Customized
Marking Accuracy: 0.01 mm
Pin Hardness: HRC 92
Power Supply: 220V±10%, 50HZ
Air Pressure: ≤400 W
Machine Power: -5~40 ℃
Working Environment: 5 Kgs (Portable)
Whole Machine Weight: 0.15 m3