CITRONIX specializes in the design and manufacture of continuous ink jet printing technology for applying identifying marks, sell-by dates, and lot / date codes to almost any kind of material or surface. The Citronix team have collectively been providing innovative, forward thinking industrial ink jet designs for over 20 years.

Series maccell DOD ink-jet printing system has been focused on various applications and easy to operate. It has designed to impact, fine ink jet printer and adopts separated design, large graphic LCD and dialogue menu.  It is available to use fast dry ink not only on porous surface such as Carton Box, Paper Bag ,but also PP bag, steel, vinyl, glass, PVC.

Founded in 1986, ANSER is a trusted manufacturer of product identification coding solutions, offering reliable and innovative printing solutions. Ever since becoming HP’s premium partner in 2001, ANSER is a worldwide leading company in thermal inkjet technology (TIJ), providing the most cost-effective and maintenance free industrial inkjet printing solutions.


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